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Exceptional Business VoIP Service.
Unmatched Customer Service.
Premium Dialer Routes.
HD Voice Quality.


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For Contact Centers

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For IT Integrators

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Experience our Extensive Application Framework on a High Capacity SIP Network



Fast reliable, HD quality voice service delivered on our proprietary switching network that is second to none.



Designed & built to deliver both SIP PBX and high capacity short duration calls reliably on premium routes to anywhere in North America!



Extensive suite of voice, data, routing and compliance applications with API’s and custom development to meet all your SIP integration needs.

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Why So Many Choose Voxtelesys

Our reputation as a top tier business VoIP service provider is well established. Not only do we deliver the highest quality of service and reliable trunk availability that rivals – or surpasses – any other SIP competitor in today’s market, but Voxtelesys does so with unmatched customer service and support that so many SIP carriers simply fail to match. Our advanced voice, data, routing and compliance solutions make us stand out among even the top today’s carriers in our industry.

About Voxtelesys

Work with VOX DevGroup

Vox DevGroup: Custom SIP Development

Focused on developing and delivering industry leading IP Telephony software solutions that meet our customers needs. Employing the latest in rapid development methodologies, product development and delivery, Voxtelesys is uniquely qualified to help you develop your voice, data, compliance and call center applications. Integrate any of our custom cloud or premise based solutions into your existing platform to expand your service offering and meet growing customer requirements.

Vox DevGroup

voxtelsys Partner Program

Agent, Re-seller and Partner Program

Join a growing list of industry partners, vendors and agents who are helping to further develop key relationships to deliver better service and create happier customers. Our partners love Voxtelesys because we deliver consistently high quality services, exceptional customer satisfaction,we  constantly expand service offerings, but most importantly, we make happy customers. Be a part of building better business communications and IT infrastructure for your customers.

Partner Program

Why you should choose Voxtelesys.

Leading SIP Provider

Simply put, we take SIP further.  Developing new software solutions and networking technologies to extend and customize our services for your needs. We believe that innovation should bring a competitive advantage and value.

Quality Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer support to our customers and partners. We always answer our phones to support our customers. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality of service is unmatched.

Diverse Products & Services

We pride ourselves on providing a diverse suite of voice, data, routing, compliance and reporting services. Not only that, but we also integrate seamlessly with the most commonly used PBX, Dialer and Call Center applications on today’s market.

Vox DevGroup

Vox DevGroup was created to help you deliver and deploy customized services that meet your goals and drive revenue. Have a one off report, or a unique voice application? No problem, Vox DevGroup is ready to help.

Custom Voice Solutions

Do you need a SIP carrier who offers more than simply telecom service? Do you need help taking your business ideas to the next level? Our engineers are ready to help execute your vision with custom development solutions.

Premium Routes

Is your high volume, short duration traffic forcing you to use terrible routes with bad call quality? We structure our call delivery system around the needs of high volume traffic, with best available routing for qualified traffic.

Carrier Services

Not just for the end user, our SIP services have already been integrated with some of the industry’s leading carriers. Easily ramp up new services and generate reliable revenue today.

HD Quality Voice

Experience the clear, low latency quality of HD voice. Based on the G711-ULAW/ALAW and G729 codecs, our SIP service delivers the best call quality available today.

Dependable Services

Eliminate down time, poor call quality and unresponsive customer service. Our top quality voice with 99.999% uptime reliability means that you’re never in the dark for long.