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Setting higher industry standards for voice services.

While robust, low latency SIP services form the backbone of many powerful communication and collaboration solutions today, nearly all SIP users have one application in common: great voice telephony.

Voxtelesys provides carrier-grade outbound termination, inbound and toll free origination service on one of today’s most extensive and reliable voice networks.  Many long distance VoIP access providers today base their own services on our cutting edge systems and network.

Our SIP-based voice services include:

Toll Free SIP Origination In The U.S. & Canada.

Be ready when your customers want to reach you.  With our comprehensive toll free SIP origination services, Voxtelesys transports and terminates PSTN traffic from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada to your VoIP softswitch or inbound call management solution.  Offering low rates and high service reliability, we provide one of the most attractive toll free SIP origination services available on today’s market.

Need the perfect vanity number? Have numerous marketing or advertising campaigns and require additional inbound toll free numbers? We have the right tools for you. Voxtelesys can help you provision new toll free numbers, provide complex call routing to get your customers to the right agents and deliver detailed call reporting services.

Multi-Location Redundancy

Your calls always connect.  With multi-location redundancy, our SIP service continues to run reliably, even if one of our facilities experiences problems. Our advanced fail-safe switch network routes around carrier outages.

Quick Response Recovery

In the unlikely event of a carrier outage, we instantly switch to another without any risk of service interruption for you.  This carrier redundancy means consistent, highly reliable SIP service at all times and peace of mind for you.

Quality Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer support to our customers and partners. We always answer our phones to support our customers. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality of service is unmatched.

About Voxtelesys

In today’s telecom world, SIP and VoIP are often just acronyms for one-size-fits-all voice service bundles that offer too little and cost too much.  At VoxTeleSys, we are working to change that.

Our reputation as a top tier VoIP service provider is well established. Not only do we deliver Quality of Service (QoS) and reliable trunk availability that rivals – or surpasses – any other SIP competitor in today’s market, but VoxTeleSys does so with unmatched customer service and at low cost.

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