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Our Process

DevGroup: Application Development Process


Define | Design | Develop | Deploy

Development life cycles take on many different challenges, the ability to adapt to any situation makes DevGroup a strong partner in delivering your project. Whether it’s simply assisting with an API, consulting on your project as a trusted adviser or digging in and developing custom telecom applications DevGroup has the tools, process and talent to deliver.

We work directly with your team at all levels from opportunity evaluation, code generation to market launch and sales support. Right from the beginning our team helps identify your needs, objectives and a plan to deliver on time and under budget.



Define Project Requirements

Any good development process starts with a thorough evaluation of  project goals, needs, current assets, present solutions, competitors and potential return on investment. We will help you through this process to lay the groundwork for a successful and profitable project.

Designing Your Application

Once your goals have been defined our team quickly moves into design phase, where technologies, environments, code frameworks and user functionality are all considered to achieve the best possible result.

Development Cycle

This is where our DevGroup’s talent can shine, coding for scale, portability, compatibility, security and profitability all take years of experience and talent. Our team works autonomously or directly with your developers.

Deploying Solutions

The most exciting part of any development, seeing all your hard work in action and accomplishing its intended goals. We will help your team launch your new service, application or feature to ensure everything goes smooth.



Custom Voice, Data, Routing, Reporting & Compliance Applications

Push the limits of – possible!

Whether you need a full suite of voice, data and reporting services for your project or simply need access to critical data in real-time. Vox DevGroup is ready to support your team with clearly defined integration API’s and unmatched telecom engineering expertise.

Don’t trust your mission critical project to just any telecom team, trust in Vox DevGroup’s proven ability to turn ideas into profitable solutions and a competitive edge in your market.