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Plus 1 IP PBX SIP Trunk Service

Do the Math: Save with Plus 1 IP PBX SIP Trunk Service!

If you’re paying for “unlimited” minutes and services you’re not using every month, you’re literally throwing money away. With our Plus 1 plan you add only what you need as you grow. No more paying for services you never use. Try the Voxtelesys Plus 1 plan for your PBX and save hundreds, even thousands on your bill every month. Put us in route and experience our call quality and top notch customer service. Talk to one of our qualified representatives to help save you money today.

Whether you need 4 lines today or 400 lines tomorrow we scale with you as your business grows. No more attempting to estimate how many minutes you will use only to find out your not-so-un-limited plan, limits you on how many lines you can actually order. The Voxtelesys Plus 1 PBX Plan gives you the flexibility to make that choice for your business. With rates like $1 per line, $1 per number and 1 penny per minute good luck finding an unlimited plan that beats those rates.

 Example of Monthly Charges

Estimated 8000 minutes $80.00
4 lines $4.00
2 local number $2.00



Unlimited extensions, integrates with all the top IP PBX systems on the market, including our own 3CX IP PBX service.

$1.00 Per Line

No matter how many lines, expand to as many as you want, any time you need.

Whether you need 4 lines today or 400 lines tomorrow we can scale with you.

$1.00 Per Number

Choose as many as you like from over 300 local area codes for local presence dialing.

Get that perfect vanity number for your business. Order as many as you need.

Per Minute

In and out, no matter how many minutes you use. Pay for only the minutes and services you need.

Most PBX customers buy unlimited plans and pay for thousands of unused minutes.

HD-Quality Voice on Every Call

Let’s keep this simple. If you want dependable, top-tier IP PBX SIP trunk service that gives you HD-quality connections on every call — at nearly half the cost of other providers — then you’re in the right place. Voxtelesys offers the highest quality routes available, with personalized attention you won’t find anywhere else.

Reliable, State-of-the-Art IP PBX SIP Trunk Service

Our redundant, proprietary SIP network ensures your calls get through, no matter what. Even in a carrier outage situation, all inbound and outbound calls are seamlessly rerouted around trouble spots. Plus, with Dynamic Caller ID and our DNC plugin that works directly with the 3CX interface, we’ll help you avoid costly TCPA violations. So how much would you pay for this kind of peace of mind? Far less than you might think.

Our Services

Voxtelesys can help your Healthcare organization save time, stay compliant and deliver meaningful SIP services.

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Power your small business with a 3CX IP PBX business phone system and take advantage of the latest in integrated business communications and customer engagement technology.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Our SIP solution easily integrates with top UC platforms. We deliver premium routes and top HD quality service to keep your team connected.

Local Number Provisioning

Local Number Provisioning

When you need new local numbers or want to port your numbers to Vox, we have you covered. Our team is ready to deliver available DIDs for more than 8,500 rate centers.


Toll Free Provisioning

Toll Free Provisioning

Looking for the perfect vanity number? Have numerous marketing campaigns and require inbound toll free numbers? We have the right tools for your toll free needs.

HD Quality Voice Service

HD Quality Voice Service

Experience the clear, low latency quality of HD voice. Based on the G711-ULAW/ALAW and G729 codecs, our SIP service delivers the best call quality available today.

Unmatched Customer Service

Unmatched Customer Service

We pride ourselves on listening to every customer, understanding their expectations and focusing on the service that will truly make a difference to their businesses.