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Advanced Call Routing Solutions

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Eliminate Inefficiencies | Increase Customer Service

A crucial component in any successful telecommunications strategy is the art and science of effective call routing. At Voxtelesys, we provide the services and solutions necessary to establish call routing methodologies for your organization, based on sophisticated business rules and variables including time of day, traffic volume, agent availability, geographical region and much more.

Our call routing services and solutions include:

GeoTracking: Smarter Business With
Intelligent Call Analysis.

Designed to complement our innovative Georouting solution, Voxtelesys Geotracking tackles a very common problem in many SIP-enabled call centers today: the need for reliable, detailed call tracking and billing analysis, in a solution that doesn’t create more problems than it solves.

While many call tracking and reporting solutions exist today, most require an additional product layer to be installed on your existing infrastructure, ultimately making your systems more complicated and costly to own and manage.  Voxtelesys Geotracking, on the other hand, incorporates the power of a full featured call tracking platform directly into your telephony service.  Made complete by a custom reporting solution that can be tailored to your specific needs, this powerful call tracking solution is a must for any SIP-enabled call center serious about high performance business.

Inbound Origination

Reliable inbound voice service!  Voxtelesys inbound origination offers aggregated local DID inbound service from over 8,500 rate centers in North America.

Advanced Call Routing

With GeoRouting advanced call control, your multi-location campaigns and inbound workflows will benefit from the power of intelligent call routing management.

HD Quality Voice Service

Experience the clear, low latency quality of HD voice.  Based on the G711-ULAW/ALAW and G729 codecs, our SIP service delivers the best call quality available today.