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Advanced Call Routing Solutions

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A crucial component in any successful telecommunications strategy is the art and science of effective call routing. At Voxtelesys, we provide the services and solutions necessary to establish call routing methodologies for your organization, based on sophisticated business rules and variables including time of day, traffic volume, agent availability, geographical region and much more.

Our call routing services and solutions include:

Enhance Your Campaigns With GeoRouting

Even in the best managed call centers, quickly and accurately routing calls to the right people can be a tough challenge.  With Voxtelesys Georouting, you can eliminate much of the difficulty from everyday call center routing.  Manage calls based on location, organize routing flows based on specific campaigns or service groups, and connect each call with the appropriate agent with minimum on-hold delay and lower risk of call drops.

This robust call routing platform is integrated directly with our own call transport infrastructure, allowing our Georouting customers direct access via API to very powerful underlying routing logic.  The result: a platform that is not only extremely flexible, but that offers a high capability for integration with custom applications and in-house call solutions.


Toll Free Origination

Reliable toll free call origination throughout the USA and Canada, terminated to your software endpoint via IP.

Inbound Origination

Voxtelesys inbound origination offers aggregated local DID inbound service from over 8,500 rate centers in North America.

Detailed Call Analytics

Look more closely into the patterns of your telecommunications usage with our suite of data analysis tools.