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Dynamic Caller ID

Data Services

Turn Information Into Powerful Strategic Insights.



Leveraging telecom data to create a smarter more agile service organization.

Your telecommunications infrastructure is capable of far more than simply placing and receiving phone calls.  With the right combination of solutions, services, experience and insight, it can also serve as a wealth of strategic intelligence and business information.

At Voxtelesys, we take SIP further by leveraging the latest advances in data management, analysis and reporting to build smarter businesses with intelligent, predictive telecom solutions.

Our data services include:

Dynamic Caller ID.  Delivering The Power Of Local Presence.

Dynamic Caller ID Helps You Deliver Better Customer Service

Your customers receive 100s of calls each week. They naturally filter out as many as possible using several factors. Time of day, are they driving, busy or on another call or in a meeting and when those calls are coming from  numbers they don’t know or recognize the odds of getting an answer drop dramatically. The Caller ID Name and Number are two of the biggest factors in deciding if a call is answered or ignored.

Your Caller ID is made up of two parts the: CNAM or Caller ID Name and the CNUM Caller ID Number. Managing these two details are critical. Dynamic Caller ID helps companies acquire, maintain, answer and manage local numbers to as many US rate centers as you need. Whether you call 2 local area codes or all 300+ US area codes, Dynamic Caller ID can help you show a local presence and increase your answer rates dramatically.

Higher Answer Rates With Local Presence.

An effective call center today needs both a wide reach and a local presence.  But how often does an unrecognized area code or distance phone number result in a lost sales opportunity?

Very often, in fact.  Studies have regularly shown that calls originating from a local number and area code have a much higher chance of being answered, being taken seriously and ultimately resulting in a higher quality customer experience.

Provision local numbers anywhere.

Voxtelesys DID services gives customers that local inbound presence anywhere in the US and Canada.  Add Dynamic Caller ID data service and make every outgoing call a local call as well.  Voxtelesys provides a personal Web-App that will match your presubscribed local DIDs with the area you are calling.  Voxtelesys’s Dynamic CLID data service works directly with your dialer or PBX to match and set Caller ID before sending a call to your SIP provider.

Industry Leading SIP Provider

Simply put, we take SIP further.  Developing new software solutions and networking technologies to extend and customize our services for your needs, we believe that innovation should bring a competitive advantage and value to your door.

Diverse Products & Services

We pride ourselves on providing a diverse suite of voice, data, routing, compliance and reporting services. Not only that, but we also integrate seamlessly with the most commonly used PBX, Dialer and Call Center applications on today’s market.

The Voxtelesys Promise

In today’s telecom world, SIP and VoIP are often just acronyms for one-size-fits-all voice service bundles that offer too little and cost too much.  At Voxtelesys, we are working to change that by providing top tier service and best in class customer service.

Services Designed For Every Contact Center

For many customers today, lasting impressions are created on the phone. Long on-hold times, dropped calls, and bad service quality all have the power to quickly turn a simple phone interaction into a frustrating, exasperating customer experience.

Contact Center Services

At Voxtelesys, we deliver the comprehensive SIP services that not only keep contact and BPO centers connected, but that help support customer relationships and create high quality customer service experiences.