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Setting higher industry standards for voice services.

Our robust, low latency SIP services like; Dialer Termination, Toll Free Service, Premium Dialer Routes, PBX SIP Trunks, 3CX PBX, Local and Toll Free DIDs form the backbone of our powerful communication and collaboration solutions today, nearly all of our customers have one service in common: personalized, responsive customer service.

Voxtelesys provides carrier-grade outbound termination, inbound and toll free origination service on one of today’s most extensive and reliable voice networks.  Many long distance VoIP access providers today base their own services on our cutting edge systems and network.

Our SIP-based voice services include:

Premium Dialer Termination.

For call centers utilizing auto, predictive or hosted dialer systems, finding the right SIP dialer termination services can be a tricky task.  This is why we at Voxtelesys have developed a comprehensive set of services and pricing models focused specifically on the unique needs of dialer-enabled call centers, dialer platforms whether hosted or on premise.

We offer detailed and attractive pricing, a segregated, scalable platform and a broad set of custom features for SIP dialer termination – and, unlike most wholesale VoIP termination providers, we welcome dialer traffic demands of any type, shape, volume or variety.  With our custom solutions and industry partnerships, we offer the support you need to take advantage of IP-based call power while keeping your dialer costs under control.

Premium Dialer Routes

Typically unheard of, but not with Voxtelesys. Our premium dialer routes can ensure your dialer traffic gets the best call quality, higher connection rates, and less disconnects. Imagine having the same HD voice quality as conversational traffic for your dialer! Studies have proven that better call quality increases customer satisfaction, produces higher close rates and increases your call centers profitability.

Premium Routes

Is high volume, short duration traffic putting you on terrible routes with bad call quality? We structure our call delivery system around the needs of high volume traffic, with best available routing for qualified traffic.

Unmatched Customer Service

At Voxtelesys we pride ourselves on listening to every customer, understanding their expectations and focusing on the quality of service that will truly make a difference to their businesses.

SpitFire Integration

Seamless integration with the popular SpitFire predictive dialer.  As a preferred SpitFire SIP provider, our strong relationship with Spitfire ensures that your connection stays strong.  Ready, set, dial!

Dialer Termination Service For Every Contact Center

For many customers today, lasting impressions are created on the phone. Long on-hold times, dropped calls, and bad service quality all have the power to quickly turn a simple phone interaction into a frustrating, exasperating customer experience.

Contact Center Services

At Voxtelesys, we deliver the comprehensive SIP services that not only keep contact and BPO centers connected, but that help support customer relationships and create high quality customer service experiences.