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A crucial component in any successful telecommunications strategy is the art and science of effective call routing. At Voxtelesys, we provide the services and solutions necessary to establish call routing methodologies for your organization, based on sophisticated business rules and variables including time of day, traffic volume, agent availability, geographical region and much more.

Our call routing services and solutions include:

Crafting Innovation In Specialized Call Routing.

In addition to our highly versatile and powerful GeoRouting call management solution, VoxTelesys is often called upon to help design and build custom call routing applications for our clients.  This allows businesses to leverage their own innovations with the underlying utility of our routing infrastructure – combining them into unique success stories that are perfectly tailored to their own specific needs.

Our custom call routing development services are ideal for specialized lead generation applications, per-leg call billing engines, remote agent accessibility and much more.


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Georouting dynamic routing

Manage calls based on location, organize routing flows based on specific campaigns or service groups, and connect each call with the appropriate agent.

GeoTracking Call Analysis

Voxtelesys Geotracking, incorporates the power of a full featured call tracking platform directly into your telephony service.

Toll Free SIP Origination

With our comprehensive toll free SIP origination services, Voxtelesys transports and terminates PSTN traffic from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.


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Whether you need a full suite of voice, data and reporting services for your project or simply need access to critical data in real-time. Vox DevGroup is ready to support your team with clearly defined integration API’s and unmatched telecom engineering expertise.

Don’t trust your mission critical project to just any telecom team, trust in Vox DevGroup’s proven ability to turn ideas into profitable solutions and a competitive edge in your market.

Custom Telecom Applications